Human Resource

KABIL has 14 full-time functionaries on its payroll. 11 of them are placed in Assam, one in Madgya Pradesh, and the rest two are in Delhi. Two more experienced part-time professionals (either as part time staff or as retainer consultant) function from the Head Office. Another retainer consultant functions from Kolkata.

The staffs of KABIL belong to various faiths and ethnicity. Four out of the fourteen full-time functionaries are women. KABIL also has a healthy mix of young and experienced functionaries. Out of the total 17 functionaries (including 3 part-time ones), 10 are in the experience level between 0 and 6 years, 4 are between 10 and 20 years and the rest 3 have had experience of three decades or more.

The younger functionaries have been recruited using rigorous recruitment methods. The more experienced functionaries have come with significant past achievements in their professional field and distinguished employment record.

KABIL invests much effort in professional capacity building of the young ones. The newly recruited young staffs go through two phase “process awareness and sensitivity” training. All the functionaries also undergo training on achievement motivation and entrepreneurship. All staffs attend a retreat every year. The event is a reflective one and focuses on our individual growth as professionals as well as the growth of KABIL.