KABIL starts working in Tikamgarh of Madhya Pradesh

KABIL has started working in Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh. It is participating along with other institutions in a programme of sustainable community development. KABIL will support other NGOs in programme implementation at the grassroots.  The programme is a pilot of Panchmukhi Samvaay (Collaborative Pentagon), a framework of sustainable community development, conceptualized in a recent workshop at Bhopal, called by the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation.

The objective of Panchmukhi Samvaay is to bring social, economic and cultural change without exploiting nature. Five sets of stakeholders create five corners of the pentagon or five faces (Panchmukhi). These stakeholders are (1) Government, (2) Corporate Sector, (3) Civil Societies, (4) Capital Market and (5) Knowledge Institutions. The collaborative action by these five stakeholders is the Panchmukhi Samvaay.

Rejuvenation of Ur river through community development in its catchment area spanning over nearly 1,000 square kilometers will be the first activity under the programme.